The Norman & Joan Ciment Foundation

Provide income and business to local vendors in Israel. Get the vendors to offer products at a lower price because the products will be used by people in the local community.

Where families are on welfare and one person at least is working and they still need and deserve help. They are provided refrigerators and stoves that are not provided by the welfare department of the State of Israel.

And if the machines break down they can get service from local vendors rather than overseas vendors.

We work with the welfare to confirm that recipients are legitimate and deserve to receive the goods.

Additionally, the Foundation looks for insititutions that need help to provide scholarships for needy children to subsidize their budgets.

The Foundation gives computers to schools to help educate the children in a modern world. The Foundation helps to establish computer centers in schools.

The Foundation also supplies medical equipment to hospitals that don’t have access to the equipment that is provided.

To find out how you can get involved in this most unique and gratifying opportunity, please contact The Norman and Joan Ciment Foundation via email: [email protected]

With Ariel Sharon

With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

With the Mayor of Sderot

With Mayor Nir Barkat

With Mayor Nir Barkat

With Mayor Nir Barkat

With David Schlesinger

With Joan, Marcia Sage, Melvyn and Barbara Ciment, and David

Norman with the Mayor of Sderot

Norman and David with the Mayor of Jerusalem

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We Support Israeli Manufacturers & Vendors

We buy all our appliances from local vendors and manufacturers in Israel. This is critically valuable for two reasons:

  • They can service the units with local support staff which keeps costs down.

  • Because our suppliers want to support our goal of helping those in need, they give us substantial price breaks.

This symbiotic relationship creates a true cycle of giving. Our efforts support the local Israeli business community (by giving them our business) and it helps people (who can’t afford to buy these appliances) to spend money on other items which positively impacts the overall Israeli economy.