Donation Options

Your donation can be allocated to purchase any of the appliances we currently have been donating thru the Give a Friday project. Currently, this means you can make a donation to cover the cost of the following items:

– Refrigerators ($650)
– Stoves ($550)
– Ovens ($500)
– Washing Machines ($600)
– $25
– $50
– $100

Please make your check out to Amercan Friends Of Baruch Umarpeh designating what you want to us buy with your donation. The check should be mailed to: 1274 49th Street suite #603 Brooklyn NY 11219.

Baruch U’Marpeh is the only free ambulance service in and around Jerusalem that takes people to doctors and to hospitals on a non-emergency basis.
Please put your full name and address in the envelope with your donation so that we can send you a receipt for tax purposes.

If you have any questions please email me using the email above.

To find out how you can get involved in this most unique and gratifying opportunity, please contact The Norman and Joan Ciment Foundation via email: [email protected]

We Support Israeli Manufacturers & Vendors

We buy all our appliances from local vendors and manufacturers in Israel. This is critically valuable for two reasons:

  • They can service the units with local support staff which keeps costs down.

  • Because our suppliers support our goal to help those in need, we get substantial price breaks on appliances we purchase.

This symbiotic relationship creates a true cycle of giving. Our efforts support the local business community in Israel. This also helps people who can’t afford to buy these appliances by enabling them to spend money on other items that affect the overall Israeli economy at the same time.